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We provide a personalized approach to each project.

Our experts are involved in all phases of construction. Working directly with

architects and general contractors to assist during the design and construction phases,

to working with facility managers post construction to maintain the beautiful surfaces. 

Servicing both commercial and residential projects.



Bronze * Stainless Steel * Steel * Copper * Aluminum * Painted Metal Surfaces

Metal Refinishing

Oxidizing, Statuary Finish, Blackening, Custom Rust Patina, Champagne Lacquer, Gun Metal Finish, Painted Finish

We can create any and all Custom Finishes you may envision for your project.

Metal Maintenance

We can help build a customized maintenance schedule, preserving the integrity of your metal and ensuring it maintains its original luster and beauty.

Cleaning and Remediation

Specialized in cleaning and remediating all metal surfaces including 

Yellow Hexavalent Chromate and Blue Chromate 

 Scratch Removal

Custom Logo and Sign Fabrication 




All Stone * Marble * Granite * Terrazzo


Honing and Polishing

Using the method of succeeding grits, and applying a protective coating, our crews remove surface scratches and stains on your floors, walls, countertops, saddles rejuvenating the stone surface and making it look new!


With various methods of filling and blending, we can repair and restore your stone making it look as if the damage never occurred. 


Pressure Washing and Non-Abrasive Blasting Methods

Removing dirt, grime and surface stains to clean building facades including limestone, sidewalks, benches, fountains, etc.

Fabrication & Installation

Specialized in fabrication and installation of countertops, floors, tiles, wall panels, staircase treads, mosaics and customized intricate designs. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

Allegiant can guide you to create a maintenance schedule that will best suit your building, or private residence needs. We can maintain your floors, staircases, walls, and exterior surfaces bringing back the beauty and luster it once had. 

On-Site Glass Scratch Removal

Removing scratches from glass windows, storefronts, doors onsite and offsite

 Landmark & Preservation Restoration

Our teams are specialized in restoring metal and stone on landmark and preservation projects.

Including all the documentation required surveying, method of procedure, payroll reporting, &

care and maintenance recommendations post completion.


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